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Through Creative Commons music publishing composers and artists have the right to publicly share with their fans and the general listening public via non-commercial download links, access to their original music, mixes, collaborations and other sound media. RCO Radio is 100% non-commercial radio-styled music sharing of excellence in artistry, music production and sound design. RCO music sets are programmed to promote artist discovery, and to feature and support the artists we follow. Each custom programmed music set comprises a blend of multi-genre music shared with RCO directly, or publicly shared by the artists, composers and producers. I especially appreciate the many musically gifted musicians and recording artists around the world, and particularly on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Free Music Archive who endeavor to create "chart worthy" music and generously share it with the listening public - without putting a price on it. The talents of the few serve the growth of the many. Music scholars sum up the gift of music as "a current ... from The Creator through a creator to the world." ... "a healing force, and a powerful device to massage hearts and minds, uniquely purposed to elevate, inspire, and change the world."


Platinum Megahertz Musicshare Sets
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PMHz Musicshare Sets are programmed by msharmonictouch


Cut It Up
Michael E
The Den 1
The Den 2
Textures 1
Textures 2
Textures 3
Smooth Chill
Pat Metheny
George Duke
Jazz Tea 1 of 2
Jazz Tea 2 of 2
Claus Ogerman
Aleutkina Island
Tonal Extraction
Classic Soul Train
Colors of Smooth
Live Performances 1
Divas Simply Singing
The Kanneh-Masons
음악♥(((~‿~)))♥ 音楽
The Cinematic Orchestra
Mixed Classics A La Soul 1
Mixed Classics A La Soul 2
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