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Thanks for visiting McCarey Media & Entertainment.

Here you can browse my music playlists, and photo highlights from the award-winning television programming I developed and produced which aired on SoCal local cable television stations from 1989 through 1994:
Communique Talk Show, Video Starbox, Rap, Rhythm & Reggae Video, Sports & Entertainment Television, Community Issues Symposium, and The International Children's Dance Hour.

In 1976 I became a featured Soul Train and danced on Soul Train from 1976 - 1989. I was among the dancers invited to perform on several tours to Japan to promote Soul Train, touring throughout Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.

Since 1980 I have been an ASCAP songwriter. As a songwriter for Clarence Avant's Tabu Records label, I received two gold albums and one platinum album for songwriting projects I worked on with music producers Sigidi and Gene Dozier.    More

In 1989 after leaving Soul Train I developed, produced, edited and sometimes directed a series of award-winning local origination television and media programs which aired on local cable television in Southern California from 1989 to 1994. I produced programming under a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Telecommunications. My staff and I received six Renaissance Awards between 1989 and 1992 for our efforts: Communique Talk Show won the award as Best Talk Show (1989). Video Starbox a late night music video show that featured Body Vibes, won the award for Best Music Video Program (1989). Rap, Rhythm & Reggae Video, a music video and dance show won awards for Best Music and Dance Program, and Best Opening Titles (1990). Community Issues Symposium a community forum program to aid the City of Los Angeles in healing following the Rodney King Riots, won the award for Best Public Affairs/Documentary (1992). I co-produced Sports & Entertainment Television with the help of Diana Hicks-Sherer. I co-produced The International Children's Dance Hour a dance show for children ages 6 through 14 with popular Los Angeles DJ Aundrae Russell (1990). In 1989, I won the Producer of the Year award.

Since 2000 I have been actively engaged in jewelry design and sales. From 2000 to 2003 I was as an auction and estate jewelry sales representative for GEMTVUSA. In 2003, I launched, after creating a wire-wrapping technique for faceted gemstones, the CrystalHugger Twistwrap. I design one-of-a-kind couture jewelry. With many years of experience and exposure to fine jewelry at auction, I continue to source top-tier gemstones and fine jewelry items for select clientele.

In 2007 I became a Nana for the first time and in 2012 for the second time ... the joys of my life are my two healthy, happy and wonderful grandchildren, Julian, 10 and Simone, 5.

In 2014 I developed RCO Radio, a 100% non-commercial radio-styled music media platform for music sharing and also as an outlet to provide increased exposure and analysis of music entertainment, music education, music industry, and music-centric topics. Program Inquiries

Michael E
Cut It Up
The Den 1
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Pat Metheny
George Duke
Jazz Tea 1 of 2
Jazz Tea 2 of 2
Smooth Chill
Aleutkina Island
Tonal Extraction
음악 ♥(((~‿~)))♥ 音楽
Classic Soul Train
Colors of Smooth
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Best of and Greatest Hits Playlists

Let the music play ... please browse my music playlists on Rhythm Channel One, on YouTube and on Soundcloud

McCarey Media & Entertainment
Photojournalism Gallery

Rap, Rhythm & Reggae production crew members and dancers. Between 1989 and 1992 programming I concepted and produced was honored by the Los Angeles Department of Telecommunications with many Renaissance Awards, all of which would not have been possible without the support of a fantastic production crew, a circle of love that included my camera crew, the writers, co-producers, editors, dancers, stylists and make-up artists, many who worked without pay because they enjoyed being a part of the productions, and the support of mentors including network director Chuck Vinson, director/editor Andre Alporter and producer/director Candace Jones-Sutton, music programming stars Theo Mizuhara, George Moore and Aundrae Russell, as well as countless other production support professionals, and of course the viewers who tuned in regularly to enjoy the programs.

Songstress and musical mentor Nancy Wilson

presenting Nancy Wilson with a Communique Talk Show Excellence In Music Award

best friend, actress, writer and fine arts master Bianca Taylor and amazing actress, orator and playwright Charlayne Woodard

Communique Talk Show guests comedians Larry B. Scott and Louis Dix, Jr., and actor Clyde Thompson.

Co-producer of Communique Talk Show, and Sports & Entertainment Television, Diana Sherer with program guests, attorneys Denise Speaks and sports agent Michael Trope, agent to over 200 NFL players in his career

cutting up with my dancers in 1990 on the set of my award-winning dance show Rap, Rhythm & Reggae Video. The program was developed and produced in South Central Los Angeles shortly after I left Soul Train in 1989 ... it was a regular place where local teens and pre-teens could have a good time in a safe environment. Parents often lined the walls of the studio watching the kids have fun. I let the kids introduce the music videos and many of them got their first exposure to the television production process in the small but sound and well-equipped production facility at Continental Cablevision.

coaching a few of the young dancer/VJ's (my dear co-worker Dimawi's daughter Aisha and her schoolmates) before shooting video wrap arounds for Video Starbox

Louie Carr

Entertainment event producer Felipe Darrell

Communique host Diana Sherer with program guests, U.S. track and field olympic medalists Kevin Young, Danny Everett and Steve Lewis

Communique host, Attorney Denise Speaks and program guest, former Big East Conference Player of the Year, Charles Smith

Early production mentor (left), network television director Chuck R. Vinson. I learned most of what I know about producing and directing for television from Chuck Vinson. Before undertaking producing for local cable in Los Angeles in the late 80s I studied editing, directing and producing as part of a Los Angeles Department of Telecommunication grant program. Chuck Vinson began his career as a stage manager for network television programs including: Detective School, Benson, and The Cosby Show, going on to direct an episode of The Cosby Show ("Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star") co-directed by Carl Lauten. Chuck's other network television sitcom directing credits include:Martin, Thea, The Sinbad Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sister, Sister, Living Single, One World and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Chuck also directed a number of stand-up comedy specials for many comedians, including: Sinbad, Steve Harvey, Mark Curry and Jamie Foxx, as well as numerous episodes from the comedy series Last Comic Standing.

With production mentors who helped , director/producer Andre Alporter, and Candace Jones-Sutton. Candace received a Best Outstanding Cultural Program Emmy award nomination in 1995 for her production A Tribute To Black Music Legends

Birthday on the dance floor celebrating the birthday of long time friend, top commercial model Wanda Acuna

Auntie Elvie

Ms. Teena Marie

20+ year ASCAP music publishing and licensing executive Alonzo Robinson, Jr. (right)

Communique guest Maryum Ali

Chatting with Soul Train dancer Cheryl Song at the VH-1 Premiere of the Soul Train Documentary Soul Train: The Hippest Trip in America

Rap, Rhythm & Reggae co-Producer Apryle Vaughn and recording artist Heavy D

Communique Talk show host Denise Speaks, floor manager Shirley, and production manager Apryle V

ABC Network Los Angeles Newscaster Angela Black

football's Eric Dickerson with brother Leo Dickerson

Track runner and dancer Justina Jupiter, while getting her MBA was a featured dancer on ColorSoundandSoul.

The first African American female movie and television agent in Hollywood, and inductee into both the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, and Who's Who of American Women, Lil Cumber, and Los Angeles entrepreneur (Stevie's on the Strip, and Stevie's Creole Cafe), Stephen Perry.

USC's Third Heisman Trophy winner Charles White. A two-year unanimous All-American, White set (or equaled) 22 NCAA, Pac-10, USC and Rose Bowl records

L.A. event producers Artris Leftage and partner Larry, guests on Communique

with my dear friend, P.R. executive Eugenia Wright & photographer Agnes Ferguson

mapping out the next move

EUR Web's Lee Bailey and producer Mike Mosley on Communique

Music promotions at Paradise 24

Sports and Entertainment program guests Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry

Award-winning pianist and producer, Herbie Hancock

cuttin' up with members of The RAMA Band

Model, media and entertainment producer Paula Bond

producer and artist Tony Smith aka Tone Loc ... remember this this ... and this ...

CEO and head designer at LSO Designs, Linda Stokes visited Communique to talk about her journey to success as a fashion designer.

Jim Brown discussed his book Out of Bounds published in 1989 by Zebra Books
Brown, who in his heyday finished 5th in Heisman Trophy voting is widely considered to be one of the
greatest professional athletes in the history of the U.S.

Communique guest Jim Brown

Marla Gibbs

Writer, actress and natural skin and hair products Guru Bianca Taylor of Bianca's Botanicals

actress Sheila Frazier ... remember SuperFly?

2017 Woman of Achievement Jacqueline Norvell ( and family.

Ran into dancers Lisa Mapps, Cheryl Song, Nieci Payne and Juliette Hagerman at the VH-1 Tribute to Soul Train

Comedian Sinbad and producer Ralph Hawkins, Jr.

Lonnnng time best friend and featured Soul Train Dancer Aretha Jackson and her son Jimmie Swain of the Oregon Ducks.

Canadian Club Modeling Troupe

Celebrating the birthday of songwriter & producer Ralph Hawkins, Jr.
- Ralph co-produced and arrangedRedlight - by Eddie Murphy and Snoop Dogg

Louie Carr and Christina Sanchez     Bobby Lyle, Ian Davis, Auggie Johnson    Juliette, Claudja, Michelle

Communique program guests Stevie of Stevie's on the Strip,
actors Blair Underwood and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, and music executive Ian Davis with
Side Effect producer Auggie Johnson. The lead female singer in Side Effect was singer Miki Howard.

Magic Johnson

Stephanie Mills

Actor Meshach Taylor

Producer Marty Spencer

Communique program guest, Ms. Vesta Williams


Video Starbox host Elan Carter with model Michael Bacon, from the cast of VR Troopers

Jazz singer supreme, Ms. Barbara Morrison

L.A. Raiders joined host Denise Speaks as guests on Communique

Long time friend and supporter Spread The Word radio show host
and KJLH program manager for over ten years, Aundrae Russell (right)
was a panel moderator and co-producer of Community Issues Symposium.

television writer and producer Ralph Farquhar

Actress Marla Gibbs reviewing notes before speech at Community Issues Symposium shoot

Operation Hope Chairman John Bryant speaking on Community Issues Symposium

Youth activist and gang intervention ecturer Mike Concepcion

The wonderful Pat Tobin was a kind and supportive mentor I was blessed to have, she was a guest on Communique Talk Show, with L.A. P.R. executive Modena Moore

Interviewing Eric Dickerson for Sports & Entertainment Television

Cleon and Leon

Communique host Diana Sherer with U.S. track and field olympic medalists Kevin Young, Danny Everett and Steve Lewis

Los Angeles radio personalities Cliff Winston and George Moore.

NFL icon Warren Moon

Friends Kevin Sims, Monique La Rocha and author Regina Brown, author of Rise! Tao Of The Diva

ATL producer Evan Connor

Jazz guitar royalty, Peter White, a guest on Video Starbox featuring ColorSoundandSoul dancing.

NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott and actress/recording artist Shaunice Wilson

Former football player and network TV sportscaster Jim Hill

Comedian Reynaldo Rey and model Alicia Shante

A dear entertainment media mentor, Ms. Vonnie Hilton-Sweeney

Aussie rappers Mic and Mac

Jazz vocal cover of music composed by Daniel Vojevodovas aka FTUREABLE

Actress/model/singer Freda Payne

Entertainment producer Mark Gaspard and beautiful Jackie Davis, sister of my long time best friend Veronica Davis-Penna

Actress Marla Gibbs, a guest speaker on Community Issues Symposium

Recording group Domino Theory

Writer/producer/actress Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith

Music producer/artists DLaVance and O'Bryan

my baby sister Renea, and her best friend Carolyn - Soul Train Dancers

the Hon. Nate Holden

Chic producer Nile Rodgers

Best friends Real Estate Agent Veronica Davis-Penna and actress/model Wanda Acuna

Cosmetics entrepreneur Iva Williams

The King Center Chairman Dexter King

Interviewing Actor Richard Lawson

Communique host Diana Sherer, Blair Underwood and writer/actor Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Communique program guests professional boxer and lecturer May May Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, and singer-songwriter Miki Howard

EUR Web CEO Lee Bailey and EUR Web producer Mike Mosby


Joyce Simon - my dear cousin in Chicago.

Nigeria King - my dear cousin in St. Louis.

Guitarist Pat Metheny, performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival (2003), with the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Jim McNeely.

L.A. Raiders

Rap, Rhythm & Reggae Video

Radio pioneer Jerry Boulding and former KGFJ Radio afternoon anchor and longtime Urban Network executive Carol Carper, guests on Communique

Producer Bill Bellamy

with Soul Train dancer Dina Rivera & Hall of Famer Harry Carson while attending 1984 Pro Bowl in Hawaii

Linda Stokes, CEO and Designer at LSO Designs

Writer/comedians Larry B. Scott, Louis Dix, Jr., and model Clyde Thompson, guests on Communique Talk Show

Songwriter/producer/arrangers Gene Dozier and Leon Huff

Producer, songwriter Darren Sullivan aka DLavance

L.A. music and entertainment promoter Felipe Darrell

We Danced ... Soul Train Media

Photo highlights from the Soul Train Friends & Family Picnic
Since 2014 Soul Train dancers Juliette Hagerman and Nellie Gonzales have produced an annual picnic to bring us together and keep us dancing.

2014    2015         2016

Photo Highlights from the Midsummer Night Soul Train Gala
Produced by Tonia McMillan and Marco De Santiago

Interview: Diary of A Soul Train Dancer

Collector's Soul Train Poster

High resolution, high quality semi-gloss professionally printed limited edition Collector's Poster
of Soul Train Dancer Crystal McCarey
Sizes: 17x24, 24x36 and 27x40. Custom framing available.

Ricky Bell, a founding member of New Edition

Diana Sherer with Communique program guests Michael & Erin Stinnis. Stinnis' father William Stinnis founded the Golden Bird Chicken franchise. Michael was also the first African American to start at quarterback for the University of Hawaii.

92.3 The Beat's Theo Mizuhara

Interviewing producer and rapper James T. Smith aka L.L. Cool J

Interviewing producer Louil Silas, Jr.

Interviewing actor Leon Robinson

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